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German Network of Neurological and Ophthalmological Ion Channel Disorders

Ion channels provide the basis for the excitability of nervous and muscle tissue. Mutations in ion channel encoding genes can therefore lead to hereditary diseases with hyper- or hypoexcitability of the affected tissue. The resulting symptoms comprise muscle stiffness or weakness, migraine auras, epileptic seizures, visual defects due to retinal dysfunction, episodic ataxia, movement disorders, and episodic pain. These diseases are commonly referred to as ion channel disorders or channelopathies.

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The IonNeurONet project has been funded for three years from 1st March 2012 until 28th February 2015 by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. As the funding period has now expired, this website will not be updated anymore. However, you can still find information on the project and on ion channel disorders in general on our website. Even though the project is finished, physicians and patients can still contact us.

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