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Aim and objectives of IonNeurONet

The goal of IonNeurONet is to create a clinical and research network for neurological and ophthalmological ion channel disorders and to provide national care for these rare and often undiagnosed diseases. The collaboration of clinicians, geneticists and physiologists is ideal to identify novel disease mechanisms as a basis for future therapies.

The clinical network is composed of neurologic and neuropediatric centres across Germany focussing on the following most important ion channel diseases: non dystrophic myotonias and periodic paralyses, hemiplegic migraine, specific inherited seizure disorders, episodic ataxias, paroxysmal movement disorders, specific mendelian pain disorders, and specific types of retinopathies.

Our main objectives:

  • To create a network for ion channel disorders of the nervous system comprising neurologists, neuropediatricians and researchers across Germany
  • To establish fast and efficient genetic diagnostics based on next-generation sequencing
  • To identify novel genetic defects causing ion channel disorders and elucidate their pathophysiological mechanisms
  • To improve care and counselling for patients with ion channel disorders
  • To promote exchange between clinical partners and basic researchers and translation into novel treatment options